Method for Collecting Names of High School Graduates

For the College Connect Program

Acquire names from your church, senior high faith formation director,or life teen director.

  • Ask your pastor to put a short message (see below) in the bulletin in early May and announce the message at the end of each Mass.
  • Find out which organization in your church is giving the graduation breakfast, and ask if Serrans can attend to distribute the literature discussing the College Connect Program to each graduate who will be attending college.
  • When handing out the College Connect Program document after Mass (see below) ask the graduate if they know someone else who will be attending college, and if the answer is “yes”, give the graduate a sample hand-out to take home and pass on to the other graduate.

Suggested Bulletin Insert and Announcement

To all graduating seniors who will be going to college: there will be Serrans outside after each Mass handing out information and forms about the COLLEGE CONNECT PROGRAM. This program is endorsed by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, and is beneficial for all who will be attending college.

The Four-Page College Connect Program Document

(Follow the links at the end of this instruction – Contents as Follows)

Page 1 should be filled out by the graduate with his or her name, address, and college he or she will be attending and left on the table, to be picked up after breakfast. The last three pages are to be taken home by the graduate.

Page 2 is Cardinal DiNardo's letter to the graduate.

Page 3 is a sample letter from Serra congratulating them on their acceptance to college and other information.

Page 4 is a sample explaining what the particular college has to offer in helping the graduate to continue in their Catholic way of life, such as local Catholic Churches, clubs, activities, campus Catholic Ministries, and other information.)

Page 5 contains a student recommendation form in MS Word format. This is ready to be filled out using MS Word. MS Word must be on your computer to access this form. To use the form on your computer, highlight it, then copy it, then paste it in your working directory on your computer.

Page 1: FormTo Be Filled Out by the Student

Page 2: Daniel Cardinal DiNardo's Letter to the Students

Page 3: Sample Letter Congratulating Student on College Acceptance

Page 4: Sample of What a Campus Has to Offer

Page 5: Student Recommendation From in MS Word Format

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