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USA Council of Serra International

The United States is divided into 14 regions established by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and adopted by the National Conference of Diocesan Vocation Directors.

Today, there are over 13,000 Serrans in 326 Serra Clubs in the United States.

Our Goals

Serrans' special work is to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life:

  • By offering affirmation to those who already serve the church
  • By encouraging new church vocations through prayer, education, and collaboration with their bishops and church vocation offices
  • By striving to become a university of christian principles that responds to Pope John Paul's challenge to "prove it possible to live the Sermon on the Mount with all the radicalism it entails"

Our Mission

The Serra Clubs of the Galveston-Houston (Texas) Diocese have been recognized by the Archdiocese as the conduit between the Vocation Office and the individual parishes.

Membership Eligibility

Anyone who is Catholic, and wishes to join the Bay Area Serra Club is eligible for membership. You may use email to have someone contact you if you wish to join, or require more information. Be sure to include your telephone number and the best time to call.


Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Mary Queen Church, 606 Cedarwood, Friendswood. Officers' meetings are held on the second Thursdays. Changes are noted in the yearly schedule. Click here for driving directions and a map.

Club Roster — District 10, Club 656


President Bob Breznia
President Elect Open
V.P. Programs Open
V.P. Vocations Helen Drab-Stigant
V.P. Membership Shirley Smaistrla
V.P. Communications


Treasurer Richard Banke
Secretary Myra Banke
Chaplain Fr. Jim Courville
1st Year Trustee Bill Clary
2nd Year Trustee Rodney Preuit
3rd Year Trustee Melba Pourteau


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Arredondo, Eli Mary Queen Lewis, Eric Mary Queen
Babin, Virginia Mary Queen Lewis, Mary Mary Queen
Banke, Myra St. Paul Martinez, Omar St. John the Baptist
Banke, Richard St. Luke Merrifield, Margarita Mary Queen
Bejararno, Margaret St. Paul Pourteau, Melba Mary Queen
Beetar, Kathleen Mary Queen Rao, Luke Mary Queen
Brezina, Bob Mary Queen Rao, Vita Ann St. Helen
Brezina, Mary Mary Queen Preuit, Rodney St. Helen
Burns, Robert N Mary Queen Reyes, Yolanda Mary Queen
Castillo, Gloria Mary Queen Riebschlaeger, Daniel St. Helen
Castro, Adela Mary Queen Ruiz de Martinez Mary Queen
Clark, Debbie Mary, Queen Riebschlaeger, Sybil St. Helen
Clary, William Mary Queen Rumford, Bob St. Bernadette

Cole, Bill

Mary Queen Saxon, Anne St. Helen
Cole, Ann Mary Queen Schrader, Jerry St. Bernadette
Descant, Ann St. Helen Smaistrla, Shirley St. Bernadette
Drab-Stigant, Helen St. Helen Solis, Juanita Mary, Queen
Eckelkamp, Richard St. Helen Stryk, Alfred St. Helen
Eckelkamp, Christine St. Helen Stryk, David St. Helen
Hartman, Edward Mary, Queen Stryk, Rhonda St. Mary
Healy, Annette St. Helen Thompson, Virginia St. Bernadette
Healy, Tim St. Helen Torok, Norma Mary Queen
Hernandez, Renee Mary, Queen Torok, William Mary, Queen
Hernandez, Steve Mary, Queen Wrinkle, Doug Mary Queen
Hilley, Linda Mary Queen Fr. Carl James Courville Chaplain

In Memoriam, Fr. Walter Sheffield

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