Serra Club of Bay Area

Vocation Projects

1. Affirmation of priests, deacons, religious

Remember and affirm our priests, deacons, and religious in our parishes through birthday and anniversary cards.

This project is ongoing throughout the year. The list of priests, deacons, and religious is updated periodically to ensure that it is evergreen.

2. Shalom Center support

Provide monetary support to Shalom Center, which assists priests and sisters experiencing personal difficulties that impede their potential as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all Catholics.

The club makes an annual donation.

3. Archdiocesan Vocation office emergency fund

Provide a fund for anyone in priestly or religious formation that is in need of financial assistance as a result of a personal emergency, which can be distributed by the Archdiocesan Vocation Office when necessary.

The club makes an annual donation.

4. Book: "To Save A Thousand Souls"

Provide copies of the book, "To Save a Thousand Souls", to individuals who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood, deaconate, or religious life, or to parish groups who are trying to increase their awareness or understanding of religious discernment.

The club purchases these books to give out on a need/request basis

5. Annual seminarian appreciation gift bags

Contribute to the Archdiocesan annual seminarian appreciation gift bags. Gift bags, which contain an assortment of items and gift cards, are assembled and given to the seminarians near the end of each year to show support for their journey towards the priesthood.

The club donates gift cards for the gift bags.

This project normally takes place near the end of November each year.

6 . Prayer Contest

Conduct a prayer contest at our parishes.

The club will switch from a vocation essay contest to a prayer contest. The plans for this project will be developed the fall of 2012 so that the contest can be presented to our parish CCE's and schools in January 2013. This will allow the CCE's and schools enough lead-time to put it into their 2013/2014 school year plans.

7. Myriam Dinner

Provide gift bags, prepare and serve dinner to women who are discerning a religious life.

The club assists the Archdiocesan vocation office Myriam Project, by assembling gift bags as a remembrance to attendees of this discernment event, and by preparing and serving dinner to all those involved in the event.

This normally occurs during lent each year. The vocation office determines the date. Coordination with the vocation office is required - usually by early January.

8. College Connect

Connect each incoming student with the college campus ministry programs (Newman Club, St. Paul's Outreach, FOCUS) on his/her campus and connect the college campus ministers with the incoming freshmen.

The club works along with Serra USAC on the College Connection for Catholics Program by following a simple procedure: 1) Solicit high school graduate's name, address and college selection & location; 2) Enter this data into the College Connection for Catholics website or contact Administrator for assistance; 3) Print from website and deliver campus ministry packet to the student; 4) The College Connection database automatically forwards information to campus ministers; 5) It is important to have information by June

This project requires preparations before any parish sponsored activities for graduating seniors. Initial communication with the parishes should take place by no later than March of each year.

The club should develop 1-year and 3-year plans to spread this program to the parishes in our area that do not already participate.

9. Life Awareness

The Life Awareness Program makes available a weekend devoted to providing information about religious life vocations to unmarried Catholic men and women between the ages of 18 & 45. This project is sponsored by the Serra Club of Northwest Houston, along with the corroborative effort of all District 10 clubs.

The club distributes Life Awareness posters and bulletin insert information to the parishes in our area. In addition, there is a "Parish Contact Report" that is completed during these visits and sent to the District Governor in order to update the Archdiocese on parish vocation activities.

Since the reports typically need to be completed and returned to the club Vocations VIP. no later than May 1, it is important to pick up the Life Awareness materials as soon as they become available so that the parish contact individuals have sufficient time to meet the May 1 deadline.

The club should develop and maintain a list of individuals who will serve as parish contacts

10. Vocation Awareness Week

Vocation Awareness Week is in January each year.

In 2012, our club provided two parishes (St. Bernadette & St. Mary­League City) with copies of "Serra American Founding Father" booklets to be used in their CCE classes for vocation awareness.

The club has no project related to this in 2013

11. World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life

World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life is normally in early February each year.

Our club currently has no project related to this.

12. World Day of Prayer for Vocations

World Day of Prayer for Vocations is on the 4 th Sunday of Easter each year.

Our club currently has no project related to this.

13. Priesthood Sunday

Usually around the last Sunday of October each year.

14. Vocation Cross Program

(Currently in development.)

In 2011, our club handed out cards to Mary Queen parishioners to send prayers to the parish priests (the cards could be placed in the collection baskets the following week)

Our club needs to determine what we will do for Priesthood Sunday in 2012

Note: The Essay contest will be replaced with the Prayer Contest. See 6, Prayer Contest, above.

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