A Sister’s Story

By Sister Monica Mary Asomugha

When I was an eleven-year-old girl in Nigeria, I was the baby sitter to my oldest sister’s child, a remarkable event changed my life. A group of young women, refugees of the Nigerian civil war, were living in a church compound. Every evening I watched them, dressed in their blue habit, as they walked back and forth, "this way and that," in the compound. They were saying the Rosary. This activity fascinated me, and I immediately knew that I wanted to be like them.

After I told my older sister of my plan, she gave me some good advice. “To be like those aspiring nuns, you will have to go to school.” And I did go to school, and that is where my journey into the religious life began. I entered primary school, then graduated into high school, and then I entered The Daughters of Divine Love Juniorate in Nigeria.

I made my initial religious vows in 1983 and my final vows in 1992. In 1997 I was granted a scholarship by the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to attend Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in social work.

My present assignment is to the mother house of the Sister’s of the Presentation, which is located in Pearland, Texas.

I am now attending Texas Southern University in Houston where I am studying for an advanced degree in social work. I am also involved in many pastoral activities that will strengthen Pearland and the surrounding communities. My activities resemble those of the nuns I saw in my youth, “going this way and that way,” as they said the Rosary. I am going “this way and that way” as I fulfill my callings to prison ministries, CCE, marriage counseling, youth ministry, and I am the Associate Chaplain of the Bay Area Serra Club.

These activities have filled my life with many rewards that bring immeasurable satisfaction. I know that I have chosen the right path.

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